Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Wedding

It has been quite a long time since I update my blog.. We have been bedridden for the first week of the school holiday, all the seven of us, the whole family members down with flu.Severe headache, no appetite, sore limbs, running nose, sore throat....the usual signs of flu.We were unable to attend our neighbour's wedding feast.

Only hubby was able to attend his nephew's akad nikah at Felda Palong, Negeri Sembilan.
On the 11th of June he travelled by bus to Permatang Janggus and stayed for the night there. The next day 12th June they start their journey to Felda Palong with 4 cars and 17 persons but ended at felda Palong with 5 cars and 22 persons as they arrived at Ipoh another car was added into the rombongan.
The rombongan arrived safely at Felda Palong on the night of the akad nikah.

The rombongan from Penang headed by hubby

The akad nikah in the process

 Pak Ngah ready to render any assistance if needed

Dengan satu lafaz berulang selesai sudah akad nikah

The handing over mas kahwin witnessed by Pak Ngah

and the bracelet

Husband and wife at last

Blessing from a mother

to her beloved son

She's gaining a daughter nevertheless

from the father in-law

Blessing from the grandfather

from a father to his beloved daughter

They are gaining a son


not losing a daughter

The couple with the bride's family

with the b'groom's wedding planner(actually his sister in-law)

the hantaran

The rombongan from Penang

The kenduri on the next day..the wedding planner and the pengapit.

Alhamdulillah everything settled at last in Felda Palong

Alhamdulillah we were able to asssist with the wedding feast in Penang held at the Dewan Perda of Bandar Baru Perda on the 19th of June 2010.
The cousins happy to be photographed

Pak Ngah and one of the groom's elder brother at the foyer of the Dewan

The wedding planner quenching her thirst (our beloved menantu)
The couple with the bridegroom's family...the groom is the youngest in his family.The head of the family had passed away in 2009.

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