Thursday, June 14, 2012

A New Addition of 2012

The family of Muhammad Hanapiah received a new family member in the early morning of wednesday....a 3.11 kg baby boy born at the Kota Bharu General Hospital. The 35th grandchild of Seri Bt Bakar and the 32nd grandchild of Muhammad Hanapiah.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Garbage Enzyme

Early this year we have been going around Alor Setar searching for new furniture that can withstand being soaked by most of our furniture...bed, tv cabinet, cupboards perished during the 2010 floods...but sad to say it seemed we have to invest quite a large sum of money to buy such furnitures and after wasting several hours at 3 stores we end up not buying anything. But alas it seemed our time is not a waste after all.. at BIG SHIP we were given a bottle of this `garbage enzyme` for free with a pamphlet on how to make our own garbage enzyme..the idea is for us to lessen our garbage that is by recycling the garbage into something useful.

This enzyme was created by Dr. Rosukon from Thailand, she took around 30 years to create this enzyme. It was said to contain a chain of protein, oxigen, carbon dioxide, vitamins, minerals and hormone. The process of this enzyme does not include harmful chemicals.

To make this enzyme you need these ingredients:

Dark Brown Sugar (Gula merah) 1 Kg
Fruit peels 3 Kg (i.e: potato peels, carrot peels or the lime that has been pressed etc)
Water 10 Litres

Mixed everything together and let them sit for 3 months in a closed container but you have to let the gas out and stirr them every day.

To use them just sift it and store them into clean bottles.

I find it quite useful as you add it into your cleaning agent for mopping the floor or cleaning your sink, it hinders ants and cocroaches.