Biodisc and Us


Biodisc is made from a special glass embedded with 13 minerals through nano technology. As it is made from glass it is likely to break if you drop it. A number of people have broken their biodisc. A word of caution though, do not try to repair your biodisc using glue of any sort. Incase you need to repair your biodisc please go to : http// or forward your enquiry to : I found this site and e-mail at However if your biodisc has shattered into more than 30 pieces, it is considered as beyond repair. You can still use your biodisc by crushing it and keeping it in a tight lid container so that it won't spilled.
The usage of biodisc is not intended as a substitute to professional medical help. You should never in anyway stop medication without the advice of medical professionals.
Biodisc is a wellness product. Use it to enhance your health. It does'nt have the power to heal. Only Allah, The Almighty can heal. We as His servant should do our best to find solutions to our problems. The best of technology available should be grabbed. We are 'kufr ni'mat' if we don't.
Biodisc is a natural energy generating tool. When water is poured onto the biodisc, the water is energised. The goodness of biodisc is that it can assist in pain relief, energises our body, enhances our immune system to fight illnesses, improve our sleep and even reduce stress level.
Biodisc works differently to different people. What we wish to share in this blog is our experience in using biodisc. We wish to share the benefits that biodisc brought to our lives so that others can benefit too


Towards enhancing your health and towards financial freedom.
Water and Biodisc....

Water is an important and essential element in our lives.We cannot live without water. We can go without food for days but without water we can only survive for a day or two...So drink up your water as much as you can..

.There is little danger of consuming too much water...because we get rid of any we don't need....through urinating, breathing and sweating, we even lose water from our body without even realising it....Less water is hazardous...dehydration is the main problem.

For centuries water have been used to treat ailment...we use hot water to ease and relax sore mucles, reduce pain from arthritis, prevent swelling, lessen pain from bruises..cold water to reduce temperature and also prevent swelling and myriads other treatments...

The Malays have been using water to treat ailments for decades....The early morning water - dew, rain water, spring water, water from wells, rivers all play an important role in treating specific ailments...The different sources of water has its own purpose of treatment ...maybe because of its minerals content...the usage differs...We mostly used them with verses of the Qur'an to heighten its effectiveness. The idea of water being therapeutic has a long tradition in our culture....

With biodisc, water treatment for ailments has caught our attention greatly because Biodisc offers a new dimension yet traditional approach in..."just using water" can enhance your wellbeing and health . Just drinking, soaking, spraying, bathing, washing and cleansing yourself with it. Use it either hot, cold or tepid..You can freeze it or use it as mists...

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Spa di rumah

Surirumah kerap menghadapi masalah dengan bahan pencuci di rumah... setiap hari terpaksa berdepan dengan cucian - pinggan mangkuk dan periuk belanga dah menjadi kebiasaan, pakaian dan lantai rumah dah jadi tempat mainan...jadi tentulah kerap menghadapi keadaan di mana kulit tangan menjadi kasar paling kurangnya dan ada yang mengelupas dan timbul luka-luka kecil akibat kulit menipis kerana alahan bahan pencuci yang teruknya...

Di sini saya ingin kongsikan petua saya...mudah aja....hanya air biodisc....rendamkan tangan atau mana-mana bahagian anggota yang alami alahan tersebut...biarkan beberapa ketika...Insya Allah, bila dilakukan dengan kerap

(maksud saya di sini setiap hari kalau rajin atau sekurang-kurangnya seminggu sekali) kulit tangan akan lebih tahan terhadap bahan-bahan pencuci tadi...InsyaAllah...cubalah jangan tak cuba...

Tuaman segera - Tuala beku
Beberapa bulan ini kita mengalami cuaca yang agak panas dan merimaskan. Anak-anak yang tak tahan dengan cuaca yang panas melampau ini, ada yang menjadi terlalu letih dan kerap mendapat sakit kepala. Satu petua yang ingin saya kongsikan di sini:

ambil beberapa helai tuala kecil dibasahkan dengan air biodisc dan dibalut dengan plastik setiap satunya serta disimpan di dalam tempat pendinginbeku petisejuk. Biarkan beku. Bila anak-anak sakit kepala biarlah mereka tuam dengan tuala beku ini. InsyaAllah amat berkesan..
Minumlah air yang secukupnya (2litre paling kurang) setiap hari dalam menghadapi cuaca panas ini...

24 December 2009
It has been quite a while since my last entree.I've been bedriddened these last few days because of my heavy period. Usually it lasts more than 20 days but at least now it subsided in just 7 days, alhamdulillah. The heavy period only occured on the first 4 days, That was on the 19th Dec - 22nd Dec. I could not even stand straight, blood would trickled down like a leaking faucet. All the house chores being taken over by my children, blessed them, alhamdulillah. I not only lose blood more than usual but develop swollen fingers to the lower part of the hands below the elbows and my emotion was all haywire.

In my case what I did : I shone an LED torchlight through the biodisc in an anticlockwise on my stomach for 15 minutes per session. I did it for 3 session non stop that was for 45 minutes.Hot water bottle was my companion. As usual when having heavy period I would take my jamu penguat rahim for the whole period.
The next day, alhamdulillah I can walk and did the house chores, though my children helped a lot. During these period chanting zikr non stop is a must (at least to me!) to stabilised our emotion. Well just to share my experience....

24 December 2009
Nak lena tidur??!!

Untuk semua pembaca, janganlah sesekali membasuh muka dengan air biodisc pada waktu hendak tidur kerana bukan saja mata tidak mengantuk malahan akan berasa segar sepanjang malam. Saya sendiri dah terkena kerana nak elakkan gatal-gatal dimuka maka dibasuhlah muka sekerapnya terlupa pula tu time tidor! Ha! apa lagi mata terus segar hingga ke pagi. Dah semua orang tidur , kita je yang tak tidur asyik surf internet, sedar-sedar dah pukul 5 pagi.

Kalau nak lena tidur, letakkan biodisc di bawah bantal, insya Allah bukan saja nyenyak tapi segar bila bangun. Ataupun boleh juga dengan air biodisc yang disimpan di dalam botol dan diletakkan di empat penjuru tempat tidur, InsyaAllah nyenyak tidur dan segar badan. Cubalah ...jangan tak cuba!!!

30 december 2009
Our' rombongan meminang' trip
It has been a few days since my last blogging..I was shocked to discover that 10 people died in a bus accident at the place that we passed through just a day before...Our deepest condolence to the respective families....

We just got home from a trip to 'meminang' a Negeri Sembilan lady for our nephew. Alhamdulillah we arrived home safe and sound.
We start our journey on the 24th Dec, 10pm, a day earlier than the planned date for the whole group (6 families - 5 vehicles) because we wished to visit our daughter at the UIA campus and our brother at his newly bought home at Pandan Indah Lakeview. We arrived in KL around subuh...
We met the rest of our group at the R&R Seremban and stayed overnight at the Grand's Paradise Highway Hotel on the 25th Dec- 6pm.
On the 26th Dec we start our journey and exited the highway at Simpang Ampat,N9. It took us about 3 hours to reach the 'anak dara's ' house at Felda Palong.

The whole 'rombongan' with the hantaran

The peminangan in the process

The couple and their parents

The hantaran

 Everything went smoothly, alhamdulillah. Our nephew is now officially an engaged man. (There's 2 more - he has 2 elder brothers still eligible) The wedding is to be held on June next year, insya'Allah. On our way home, we were hoping to stop-by at Nilai just 'nak jamu mata' but then we got trapped in a traffic-jam. For 2 hours we were stranded at the Seremban Highway (from 4.20 to 6.30pm).By then everybody in the group decided to 'just' head home. We ended with only 2 vehicles in our 'rombongan', due to the highway traffic-jam the other 3 headed their separate ways. We arrived at Permatang Janggus at 2am and stayed overnight. 27th Dec we went to visit our sister at Taman Delima, Kulim and later headed home. We arrived home around maghrib.
Throughout our trip we brought with us more than 13 litres of biodisc water. Biodisc water in a spray bottle to freshen us (especially our driver) so that we can stay awake in the wee hour, biodisc water in tumblers to drink and biodisc water was even used to freshen the sirih that we brought for the 'meminang'. Alhamdulillah it did help a lot. On the way home hubby had a splitting headache, he put the biodisc in his 'ketayap' and kept on the task as a driver. It did help to lessen the pain. Well, just to share......

14 January 2010
Mouth Ulcers..

Have you ever suffered from mouth ulcer?.... Yes, the painful white spot with bright-red inflamed borders inside the mouth....The excrutiating pain that you had to suffer every morning while brushing your teeth or eating or drinking or even talking....Those who have had mouth ulcer will know what I'm ranting about...Well, my solution is easy... just try using biodisc water for rinsing, gargling and washing your mouth as often as you possibly can...It will hurt at first but the pain will gradually eased down...

Rejuvinating while sleeping...

I often wake up with a headache...but lately no matter how late I went to bed, somehow I never had those headache anymore. It might be because nowadays I never went to sleep without the biodisc under my pillow?

Pokok hampir mati..

Air biodisc bukan saja boleh diminum tapi juga boleh untuk menyiram pokok, mandi dsb antara malas dengan rajin aja utk menyediakannya. Pokok limau purut di belakang rumah tu hampir mati sebab lama terbiar kerana sakit dan lepas tu tinggalkan rumah 3 hari krn ke N9..setelah dicantas dahan-dahan yg dah kuning dan disiram dengan air biodisc alhamdulillah tumbuh tunas baru...dapatlah juga diselamatkan...Sayangnya tak dapat disertakan di sini gambar pokok tu..

11 January 2010
Pengalaman dari seorang kenalan

Cerita dari seorang kenalan yang menggunakan air biodisc: Suatu hari anak beliau (maaf tanpa izin beliau saya tak mampu untuk mendedahkan nama sebenar kenalan ini) telah mengalami alahan selepas mengambil ubat-ubatan untuk demam. Alahannya berupa ruam-ruam dikulit dan demam tidak juga kebah, beliau mencuba untuk menggunakan air biodisc dengan menyapu keseluruhan badan anaknya. Beliau juga menjelum kepala anaknya untuk mengurangkan panas badan anaknya itu. Semalaman beliau dan isteri tidak tidur kerana bimbangkan keadaan anaknya itu. Keesokan harinya, Alhamdulillah anaknya pulih seperti biasa dan ruam-ruam di badannya pula hilang.

Alhamdulillah dari cerita beliau ini merupakan satu lagi testimoni untuk air biodisc kerana beliau hanya memperolehi air biodisc dari kami. Untuk dikongsi bersama...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sleep disorder...

Have you ever had a restless night or sleep disorder, flipping and tossing in bed and yet your eyes don't want to sleep?
Most people who suffers from insomnia are those with problems such as being overweight, stressful, depressed or being elderly...(pre menaupause symptom??)
I, myself suffered from sleep disorder after coming back from N9...I cannot go to sleep at the proper time that is 10pm to 4 am (at least). I've been wide awake and unable to go to sleep before 3 am for almost a week, prior to coming home.

Having inadequate sleep made me tired always woke up with a headache and mentally and emotionally stressful... I became easily irritated, in bad moods. I became sleepy during daytime and cannot maintain alertness....Ooh sleep does play an important role in our lives...I've realised does affects our daily lives if we do not get adequate sleep. It can even lead to fatal acccidents just as what had happened in Jelapang!!
I did try to solve my problem...I did try to stay awake during daytime no matter how sleepy I was...I washed my face as frequently as I could with biodisc water to freshen myself so that I wouldn't go to sleep.

I did try finishing up the house chores and whatever work that need my attention at daytime so that by nightfall I would only be thinking of sleep and rest...I tried to be in bed before 3 am and wake up before 6am.

Putting biodisc under my pillow while sleeping did help me to have a restfull sleep however short my sleep was.

Alhamdulillah gradually I was able to sleep at my scheduled time that is 10pm to 5am...though tonight an exception because I was feeling too tired because of having to attend two weddings today (or was it yesterday?). Whenever a slight change did occur in my life I will be having this insomnia!!.. But now at least I'm able to overcome it...Insya Allah...

For more information log on to:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Air Biodisc sebagai "Penerang Hati" dan "Air Selusuh"???

Air biodisc mampu menyegarkan dan membantu ketahanan badan. Ianya boleh dibuat air penerang hati untuk anak-anak yang lembab dalam pelajaran....Cuba gunakan air biodisc ini sebagai air penerang hati dengan dibacakan ayat-ayat penerang hati (Surah An Nash, Ayat Kursi, Al Fatihah....etc)..Ayat-ayat Allah ini mempunyai getarannya yang tersendiri dan mampu membantu regenerate air biodisc ini juga ...InsyaAllah dengan izinNya juga kita memohon....Kami ada anak-anak yang akan menduduki peperiksaan penting tahun ini UPSR, PMR, SPM ...semoga mendapat keberkatan Allah semuanya..

Seperti yang saya katakan tadi air biodisc ini menyegarkan dan mempunyai ciri ketahanannya yang tersendiri dengan bantuan ayat-ayat Allah kita mampu mencapai lebih lagi.. untuk wanita-wanita hamil harap cuba elakkan dari meminumnya tetapi menggunakan secara luaran sahaja ... kecuali yang sudah cukup bulan dan sarat boleh jadikannya sebagai air selusuh dengan kerap meminumnya dan menyapu seluruh badan (mandi pun boleh..)....Keberkatan Allah yang dicari...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Biodisc for greater efficiency in fuel consumption

Whenever travelling is concerned we always think of the expenses involved: toll, fuel, boarding, dining etc...
In view of the economy of today keeping costs down is the main issue.
To ensure that we minimised on the toll we always avoided the highway but then fuel have to be given full consideration.

Using biodisc to reduce fuel consumption really helped...It is sooo easy to use...whenever you want to refuel just hold your biodisc next to the rubber hose of the fuel pump then gently pump in the fuel..let it flow as slowly as possible so that the biodisc can energised the flowing fuel into the tank...

Of our last trip to Negeri Sembilan, we travelled full tank from Alor Setar (24th December 2009) avoiding the highway until reaching Sg. Petani then exited at Sg. Dua heading for Permatang Janggus to our sister's home. After resting for 2 hours we entered the highway at Juru and exiting at KL. We refuelled at the Shell station - Merdeka Jayabumi (RM47.69).

We were travelling by a Fiat MPV Ulysses(Diesel). 6 persons with an almost full luggage compartment.

The next day (26th December 2009) we refuelled again at the Shell station - Teguh Petromart, Gemencheh (RM42.91) after returning from Felda Palong on our way back...

On the 24th February 2010 again we have to travel to fetch our daughter from UIA, PJ. This time we made full use of the MPV, with 8 persons(our family and my parents) and fully filled luggage, we travelled full tank from Alor Setar taking the highway. By the time we exited the highway in KL there was a police roadblock blocking the entrance to the Shell station (Merdeka Jayabumi) so we were unable to refuel.

We were heading to Pandan Indah Lakeview for our brother's home but the labyrinthian of KL roads was just too much for us as we got lost. We ended at the gate of the Zoo Negara at midnight!

As the heat was soo..unbearable we switched on the engine for the air-cond(by this time conserving energy/fuel was not our priority - we were tired and exhausted) while waiting for my brother to get to us to show the way to his house. We arrived at his house around 1am.

Only on the next day (25th February 2010) at noon after fetching all our daughter's belongings at PJ did we able to refuelled at the Shell station at Jalan Peel.(RM67.17) and we went back to my brother's home.

The next day (26 February 2010) after lunch and zohor we went (2 vehicles - Serena and Ulysses) to Sogo (Jln Tunku Abd. Rahman) just for window shopping, the salesgirls there were very informative and helpful even though we didnt buy a single thing. I found out a lot about new cooking utensils and took note of the latest fashion for teenages..

Then we went to the Jalan Mesjid India stopping for 'asar and we bought something at Mydin.My brother asked whether I wished to visit any other place. I insisted at Bangi, UKM to visit my niece but hubby objected ...too far off he said it will only encumbent our brother he said... so my brother took us to the Petronas Twin Tower instead as my daughter, Wardah wished to visit the tower.

We arrived there just in time for Maghrib at the nearby mosque.

After 2 hours there, an ex-student of hubby called on the phone wishing to meet. We arranged to meet at a restaurant near my brother's home. We had our dinner there but my mother refused as it is a mamak's restaurant and all the workers are all mamak. She had too much bad experiences of mamak's stall and mamak's eateries in her life that she just couldn't trust any mamak's culinary expertise anymore....

Later we went back to my brother's home and mother had her dinner.....

The next day (27 February 2010) after breakfast we headed to the highway with only 7 persons as both my parents wished to stay on till school holidays at my brother's home.

Whenever we ascended a slope the Ulysses's temperature accelerate, hubby decided to exit the highway to avoid ascending high slope, it seemed that the Ulysses's cooling system was not working properly. We exited at Rawang (South) and avoided the highway all the way to Kuala Kangsar then entered the highway again until arriving at Juru, as it was past midnight we spent the night at Permatang Janggus.

We continued our journey home after breakfast the following day taking the highway all the way to Alor Setar and arrived safely around 1pm.

We found out that the clip to the radiator had came off...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Air Biodisc - heat resistant?!!

Keluarga kami kerap menggunakan air biodisc untuk mencuci muka kerana kerap alami gatal-gatal kulit muka disebabkan alahan makanan. Kerapkali juga botol spray digunakan. Kadangkala air yang tak habis digunakan tu digunakan untuk menyembur pakaian yang nak diseterika.Masya Allah punyalah susah nak lendit pakaian yang diseterika. Jadi kami nak kongsikan di sini janganlah sesekali menggunakan air biodisc untuk renjis pakaian yang nak diseterika. Bukannya apa kerana kami dah terkena!

Mungkin kerana air biodisc ini 'heat resistant' kot. Kalaulah macam tu kalau ada yang tak tahan dengan cuaca panas memang amat sesuailah untuk gunakan air biodisc spraykan ke muka untuk elakkan pitam. Terutamanya untuk anak-anak yang aktif dalam sukan tu eloklah dibekalkan dengan air biodisc untuk kesegaran sepanjang aktiviti mereka. Cubalah!

17 Dec 2009
Keenakan buahan segar...

Dalam cuaca panas memang seronok kalau dapat makan rojak atau buah-buahan yang kerap dimasukkan dalam rojak contohnya mempelam muda, timun, jambu batu, jambu keling dan sengkuang. Kecur air liur. Memang buah-buahan ini pun selalunya yang jadi bahan untuk mencicah garam belacan pun. Kami nak kongsi satu petua, selepas dikupas dan dicuci buah-buahan tersebut cubalah rendamkan di dalam air biodisc untuk beberapa ketika (seeloknya biarlah 1/2 atau sejam) dan rasalah kelainan buah-buahan tersebut. Malahan timun yang pahitpun akan kurang pahitnya. Cubalah kalau tak percaya!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Limau nipis lebih 2 bulan dalam peti sejuk

Limau nipis ni dah lebih dua bulan dalam peti sejuk.Peti sejuk tu memang sentiasa ada air biodisc yang disimpan di dalam botol. Kalau sebelum ada air biodisc, selalunya limau ni akan keras dan bertukar warna keperang-perangan. Untuk pengetahuan pembaca blog, bahan-bahan sayuran pun tahan lama juga malah taugeh akan lebih rangup tapi hati-hati lah bila menyimpan kelapa parut kerana kalau nak dibuat santan tak apa tapi kalau nak dibuat kerisik kelapa tu tak akan garing cuma warnanya saja yg gelap tapi tak garing. Harap maklum jangan simpan kelapa parut yang nak dibuat kerisik di dalam peti sejuk yang disimpan air biodisc!

Jari terkepit pintu almari

Kecuaian kerana tergopoh-gapah nak siapkan kerja jari terkepit dicelah pintu sorong almari baju.Terkeluar kulit dan darah tak terkira banyaknya walaupun luka tu kecik la sangat, sakitnya bukan kepalang lagi. Cepat-cepat basuh dengan air biodisc, Alhamdulillah dah dua hari tengoklah sendiri kesannya.

Saturday, Nov.28,2009
Alahan kulit muka

Dalam kita menyambut Hari Raya Korban dan dlm musim cuti ini tentu byk mendpt jemputan utk majlis kenduri kahwin dan sebagainya. Tentang makanan tu tentulah tak dpt nak kita pantang atau jaga jika ke majlis-majlis tersebut, apatah lagi kalau yg kerap mendpt alahan jika ada yg tak serasi dgn badan.
Kami nak share disini petua utk muka yg suka tumbuh jerawat bagi remaja-remaja yg selalu menghadapi masaalah ini:

Ambil sejemput bedak sejuk dan perahkan air limau purut dan sapulah ke serata muka setiap kali hendak tidur, insya'Allah jerawat mudah kecut dan hilang jika dilakukan secara berterusan.

Tapi bagi yg ada biodisc, petua lebih mudah jika alah dgn makanan laut, daging, belacan dan sebagainya, cuma sediakan air biodisc dan minumlah sekerap yg boleh sambil dicuci muka sekerap yg boleh,insya'Allah muka tak akan gatal-gatal lagi. Malahan jika kulit yg berminyak yg cenderung mempunyai pori-pori yg besar akan mula mengecut dan semakin licin. Cubalah try tengok! Baru tau!

Kelebihan Sirih

Tentu ramai yg kenal dgn sirih walaupun ada yg tak pernah dan tak suka makan sirih.Daun sirih byk khasiatnya terutama bagi ibu-ibu yg baru bersalin. Sirih boleh dibuat lapik tunku, sebagai bahan utk menyucikan alat sulit wanita, sebagai pendemah utk bayi dan byk lagi kegunaannya.

Di sini saya ingin kongsikan sedikit petua utk melangsingkan badan iaitu dengan meminum air rebusan sirih.

Ambil beberapa helai daun sirih dibasuh dan direbus biar hingga air tinggal 1/3 barulah dibuat minum sehari dua kali.

Yang tinggal di kampung mungkin tiada masaalah utk mencari sirih tapi bagi yg di bandar ini mungkin agak susah jugalah kan. Yg dapat membelinya dgn byk masaalah utk nak simpan pula. Jgn risau jika yg ada biodisc tu cubalah simpan dlm peti ais daun-daun sirih tu dibalut dlm kertas kemudian disimpan dlm plastik. sementara itu isikan satu botol air biodisc dlm botol air mineral dan disimpan dlm peti sejuk bersama-sama.Insya'Allah bukan shj daun sirih itu yg segar tapi juga sayur-sayuran lain yg disimpan di dalam peti sejuk itu mampu bertahan hingga lebih dari dua minggu. Selamat mencuba!