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Seminar Kenali Potensi Diri
The month of April brought us a great rezki from Allah, Alhamdulillah...We were given a ticket to attend this seminar with admission for two.So hubby and I attended this seminar...a great thanks to our friend for giving us the ticket...Alhamdulillah, Allah granted my wish to attend Dr. Azizan's programme..
The seminar was held at Holiday Villa Hotel in Alor Setar yesterday. Today will be in Penang at Sunway Hotel, Seberang Jaya and on the 4th of April in Perak at Syuen Hotel, Ipoh.
A great eye opener...and I really felt motivated leaving the hall yesterday..motivated to be successful in whatever  life will bring me...

For those who wish to upgrade yourself and motivate yourself in starting a business or career, I really recommend you to attend Dr.Azizan's programme.

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La Tahzan

When we share something with others the burden became lighter...

Mengatasi Rendah Diri

Kita selalu menghadapi perasaan rendah diri dalam menghadapi orang lain. Untuk membina kerjaya di dalam network marketing ini kita perlu bertemu orang ramai maka perlu kepada usaha-usaha untuk mempertingkatkan kemampuan diri dalam membina 'self confidence'

Tips Memupuk Keseronokan Bekerja

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Putus asa...jadikannya musuh. Discover the Beauty of Islam

If you are thinking of giving up watch this....

Nick Vujicic was born in 1982 in Melbourne, Australia with neither arms nor legs. He has a double degree in accounting and financial planning. You will be moved to see for yourself how his so-called birth defect was not a tragedy but  as Nick would tell you he has gone "from a life without limbs to a life without limits!"

La Tahzan

Don't be discouraged just because nobody wants to believe us. Never give up on anything especially if you intent on helping others. May there always be hope in whatever we do. May Allah Bless you...

Wednesday,dec.9, 2009
An Inspiration or a revelation??

This picture shows the location of the "Rocky Belt" which shows the moon was once split. The unbelievers of Makkah said to the prophet that "if you are truly a prophet split the moon and if you do we shall believe...". It was a full moon that night....

And so the prophet prayed to Allah to grant him this miracle, and the moon was split. Half was seen over Mount Saffa and the other half was seen over Mount Kaikaan. The people said " the prophet has placed a spell on us, however if he played a trick on us, then he can't play a trick on all the people in the world.". Abu Jahl then said "Let us wait until the people of Albadiah come, and if they saw the moon split, then it is true, if not then we all know it was a trick of magic".

When the people of Albadiah came they said that they too saw the moon split, and the disbelievers said, "Oh, how powerful Mohammad's magic is". Then Allah revealed Surat Al Qamar: "The hour has come near and the moon has split, and when they see a sign, they turn and say, 'this is a continuous magic and they disbelieved and followed their desires...' ". This took place in the days of the prophet Mohammad pbuh in Makkah.

Dawood Musa, a Briton who is the new chairman of the British Muslim Party, revealed how he embraced Islam.

A friend gave a copy of the Quran translated in english. He came across Surat Al Qamar and read, "The hour has come and the moon has split..." looking at this he said, "the moon has split???". He then stopped reading and did not open it again. Then one day while watching a program on the BBC, the broadcaster was talking with three American scientists, and the broadcaster was blaming America for spending billions of dollars on space projects, in a time where millions of people are suffering from proverty. The scientists were trying to explain why it is important to go into space explorations. The scientists stated that the money spent was to study the internal structure of the moon to see what similiarities it has with Earth, and they said that they were surprised to find a 'Belt of Rocks' that goes from the surface of the moon right to the inner depths. Being quite surprised, they gave this information to their geologists, who were also surprised, as they concluded that this couldn't be unless the moon was once split and resealed. The rocks on the belt are a result of the impact during the time that the two halves of the moon recombined.

Watching this brother Dawood Musa jumped off his seat, "This is Mohammad's miracle which occurred more than 1400 years ago and now the Americans are spending money to prove it to the muslims. This must surely be a true religion". And so where once the Surat Al Qamar was a cause for him disbelieving in Islam, it was now the reason for his embracing Islam.

Is this an inspiration? or a revelation! Take it however and whatever you wished it.To Muslims whatever 'ilmu that comes by, are ours to pick as we considered an ilmu or knowledge is like an heirloom lost that we are entitled to pick it up when found.

Go for goals

Monday April 26, 2010


Something to aim for makes life interesting.

EARLY this year, while having dinner, I bumped into a family friend whom I hadn’t seen for at least five years.

I waved at him, he waved back. I gestured to him to join me at my table, pleased that he could recognise me.

We then exchanged information about ourselves and our family members.

Despite having put on some weight, my family friend looked healthy, his face was radiant.

He retired in 2008. And when we hear of someone in retirement, the cliché remark arises – “Isn’t every day a holiday now?” –which I made to this family friend of mine.

Instead of nodding his head, he disagreed.

He complained about being idle, not being able to pass the time. Not having much to do daily apart from light gardening work outside his house and taking regular evening walks in his neighbourhood, he began to feel lethargic. He thought of volunteering his time and energy, but wasn’t too keen about it at the same time.

Then he met up with an old colleague who, upon hearing his dilemma, revealed to him the importance of goal-setting.

It’s crucial for anyone, especially retirees, to set goals to stay focused. Although retired, there’s no need to let go of everything for the sake of fitting the mould of retirement – my family friend was told.

It can be a goal with a target date many months or weeks down the road. The idea is to have something to work on and look forward to, which in turn will fill you with a sense of purpose to keep you going.

“Goals are what keep us going. How often do we hear of someone retiring after 40 years and dropping dead within a few short months?” asks Andrew Matthews in his book Being Happy! “It is our nature to have goals. We can’t live without them, or at least not for very long.”

Curious, I asked my family friend what goals he had set for himself.

The last time he went to Genting Highlands was in the late 90s. Buoyed up by the suggestion to set goals, he made Genting Highlands his year-end destination with his wife.

To make the goal challenging – choosing the expensive peak Christmas time for his seven-night getaway – it required some hard saving if he wanted this goal to be achievable.

This was the only goal he set himself, actually. And, to see “the new Genting Highlands,” he said, he had about eight months – from the day he committed himself to this goal to the departure day – to save up for this holiday.

My next question for him was: Does setting the goal made you feel less lethargic?

He pondered this, but was quick to point out how exhilarating it was as the date drew closer, and the fact that he refused his wife and daughter’s offer to help pay for the trip made this goal more meaningful if he were to accomplish it.

Of course, life wouldn’t be life if everything always goes smoothly.

“When setting out for a goal, it is worthwhile remembering the way things work on this planet. Nothing travels in straight lines. No goals are achieved without setbacks,” explains Matthews in his book. “When the tide comes in, it comes in a bit and goes out a bit, but gradually it makes its way in.”

For my family friend, his setback was minor. His house needed minor repair work, and he had to use the money from the amount he’d put aside for the holiday.

Despite that, he accomplished his goal of visiting Genting Highlands with his wife during the Christmas period of 2009. Whether he stayed there for seven nights as planned, or less, I didn’t dare ask.

It was nice to hear he’d achieved something – I call it his second honeymoon – which he’d not have accomplished if he hadn’t been introduced to this goal-setting theory. Most importantly, he felt good, he was in high spirits, healthy, and proud of himself.

Being a nosy person that I sometimes am, I asked about his next goal – big or small – to keep him going. The twinkle in his eyes, before he even answered my question, said it’d be something big.

He revealed that it’ll be a dinner gathering with all his close and distant relatives, some of whom he hadn’t seen for more than 10 years.

The great thing about setting goals – especially goals that require a lot of effort and planning – is that when the goal is accomplished, you’ll experience an enormous sense of pride and joy.

But many people tend to doubt themselves when deciding on a goal. Even as they work on achieving it, the common fear and question is: “What happens if the end result of my goal doesn’t turn out to be as excellent as I’d hope?”

“Actually, it is wonderful,” reveals Matthews in his book. “They have now eliminated an additional possibility and they know more about what will make them happy and what will not.”

Depending on how you see it, goal-setting may also be a tool for self-discovery!

Hug and be happy
Tuesday May 4, 2010


Hugging is healthy — try it out for yourself!
When was the last time you hugged your parents?

Can’t remember? Well, blame it on the culture that we grow up in, where the display of child-parent affection should be at its minimum, and most preferably subtle – such as a pat on the shoulder or a gentle touch on the hand.

The irony is that we find it easier to hug outsiders, such as when we wish a person bon voyage, or hug a girl to wish her a happy birthday, or even hugging a total stranger in a congratulatory gesture.

Why is it that hugging a stranger can be as easy and effortless as smiling, and yet when it comes to a parent, it can be difficult and awkward, maybe even the equivalent of having to sing on stage in a fluorescent bikini?

I have always wondered if parents and children were genetically created with the same magnetic field, therefore repelling each other.

During an English class when I was in Form Two, my teacher touched on the topic of showing affection for one’s parents. She asked when I last hugged my parents.

Startled by her sudden focus on me, I merely stared back at her partly because I wasn’t paying attention. She repeated her question.
I shook my head and said, “Don’t know.”
“Don’t know?” she asked me, as in “I can’t believe it!”
Another question from her: “When was the last time you kissed your parents?”
I shook my head. “Can’t remember,” I said.
She fixed her gaze on me for a few seconds before smiling knowingly.

My teacher said that this was the result of our upbringing and culture – that we weren’t accustomed to showing affection for our own parents. My teacher urged all of us to give our parents a hug as soon as they came home from work that day. She said not to be embarrassed to show our emotions.

If you look at photos in the newspapers a day or two after the SPM or STPM examination results are out, it’s common to see parents kissing and hugging their top-scoring children, and that’s when you notice the awkward faces of those students and their parents as affections flow for the camera. Sometimes you can even see them blushing.

A friend of mine, like many of us, wasn’t comfortable with hugging his parents.
But his perception changed after moving to another state to take up a job. He now makes it a point to give his parents a bear hug as soon as he gets home for a holiday, and doing the same before leaving home.

A simple piece of advice a friend gave was: “Each time you hug, it gets easier.”
Not only that, hugging is also therapeutic, and good for the body.

“Hugging is healthy! We need to be touched – and often,” says Andrew Matthews in his book, Making Friends. “You don’t have to hug everyone, but you have to get your share of hugs from somewhere.
“It also seems that as we become less self-conscious, we warm to the idea of being hugged.”
I remember reading somewhere that a good, genuine hug should never be less than three seconds.

For those people who are troubled by hugging their own parents, perhaps out of awkwardness and embarrassment, wait no more and do it now. After all, you were hugged by them when you were a kid!

And with Mother’s and Father’s Days just weeks away, surely these will be the best opportunities and occasions to hug it out.

7 Simple ways to get organized
by The Editors of Prevention, on Wed. May 12,2010.

Devote just 1 week—a project a day—to creating order and you’ll be amazed what a calming influence it can be. If 7 days in a row is too much, too soon, take 7 Saturdays in a row. You'll be glad you did.

Why a to-do list keeps you healthy

Monday: Organize your inbox. Slip into the office an hour early for an uninterrupted cleaning session. Activate your out-of-office e-mail reply and turn off the auto chime for 2 hours. Create new electronic folders for contacts, projects, and meetings. Sort alphabetically, then redirect e-mails to folders or delete them. In the future, be relentless and begin filing/deleting e-mails on arrival. When you get a request for a project update, the information will be only a click away.

9 easy ways to clean up your diet

Tuesday: Calm cabinet chaos. Roll up your sleeves and tackle your kitchen cabinets. Gather two cardboard boxes. Place punch bowls and platters you haven't used in months in basement- or yard sale–bound boxes. Replace cabinet lining and sift through cans, teas, and cracker boxes, throwing out the expired and moving older cans to the front. Pour flour, cereal, and sugar into transparent plastic containers to keep them fresh and protected against bugs.

Stretch the shelf life of your food with these money saving tips

Wednesday: Create a hassle-free hall closet. Plow through the gear crowding the closet. Pair up miscellaneous shoes and place them on an over-the-door hanger; chuck sporting equipment into large, round wicker baskets and move them to the garage; discard worn-out sneakers. Group similar items such as umbrellas in a stout round container. And keep it seasonal: If sweltering temps have you in tanks every day, relegate the winter items to plastic storage boxes.

Is your laundry making you sick?

Thursday: Lick the linen closet. Pull out all like items and organize by shelf. Keep towels together and group by type: washcloths, hand towels, bath towels, etc. If tattered towels are in the mix, tear them into cleaning rags. Keep top sheets separate from bottom sheets. Put any appliances--hair dryers, irons, curlers--on another shelf, and toiletries on yet another.

Surprising places germs lurk

Friday: Manage your meds. Sort through the prescriptions in your medicine cabinet. Trash expired drugs and throw out lotions and cosmetics you haven't used in the past 3 or so months. Put cotton swabs and cotton balls in easy-to-reach glass containers. Replace hand soaps and toothbrushes; stock extras for unexpected houseguests.

20 best medicine cabinet remedies

Saturday: Draft your family. Time to include them in the organization efforts. Identify on a cleaning schedule weekly and monthly tasks for each person. Create incentives: Pitch in and clean today, hit the amusement park next Saturday. Give each family member a job: vacuum, dust, do the laundry, get rid of outdated newspapers. Finish at noon and switch to relaxation mode.

13 healthy life lessons to teach your kids

Sunday: Plot your pleasures. This day is all about you! Order takeout, spin your favorite tunes, and resist the boob-tube temptation. In a notebook, scribble wish lists: books and mags to read, movies to see, restaurants to try, old friends to call. Think about the people and places you want to visit in the coming year (keep in mind what's realistic and affordable). Then grab your calendar and schedule your trips

Easy ways to de-stress this summer